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Welcome to "Females Who Inspired Us," an ongoing project dedicated to celebrating and sharing the stories of remarkable women from all walks of life. Whether they're acclaimed actresses, pioneering scientists, or the everyday heroes we encounter, every woman has a story worth telling. This project invites everyone to contribute by recording a short audio piece about a woman who has inspired you—be it someone you know personally or a figure you've always admired. Simply submit your audio recording here, and become part of a growing tapestry of inspirational female narratives. 

Episode 1.

Our first episode launches on International Women's Day, a fitting occasion to honor the moms who've inspired us and shaped our lives. This project is brought to life by producers Francis Starr and Melodie Turori, who believe in the power of storytelling to celebrate the achievements and impact of women worldwide. Join us in this heartfelt endeavor and let's amplify the voices of women who inspire us every day.

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